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What Selling a Business at 24 Taught This Entrepreneur About Happiness and Success

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Humans have always been eager to create hierarchies and divide the population based on different factors. Those indicators have been changing over the years, and they still vary greatly around the world, but one of them is universal wherever you go success.

But how can you measure success and expect relatively accurate results? The answer seems to be simple because we have used the exact same criteria over millennia, yet more and more people are starting to disagree. Interestingly enough, those who are against it speak from the top of the pyramid, telling us how wrong we have been.

If you want to probe strangers and see how successful they are, the process has to be easy above all. With access to the internet, you can check people’s social-media accounts, related news stories or even their legal history.

Combined with our own desires, this tool gives us a unique insight into people’s lives and allows us to see how much they resemble our image of what the perfect life is supposed to be. The main box to check? Wealth.

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We have all heard people saying that money doesn’t buy happiness, with another group claiming that it’s just a trick used by the rich to keep you away from this pursuit. It is true, though, that you will mostly hear it from those who have already got their fair share of zeros in their bank account. So, who is right here?

When faced with two sides voicing their own opinions, the best idea is to take a look at what science........

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