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Turkey as the scene of Kadirova’s murder

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The date was February 12, 1935. A critically wounded woman, in her thirties, lying in bed at the intensive care unit of Taksim French Hospital, was telling her brother who was waiting for her inevitable death at bedside: “Don’t try and do something to people who shot me, they will kill you too!”

Fatma Medeniye, the wounded woman, died shortly after uttering these words. She was the daughter of Mehmet Sabri Bey, who was Sultan Vahdettin’s calligraphy teacher. Recep Zühtü Soyak, the person who shot her, was a gunman in President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s bodyguard team.

Atatürk did not want his bodyguard team to get married. That is why Recep Zühtü, who was loyal to death to Atatürk since Monastery (city in present day Macedonia), could not get married to Fatma Medeniye, his girlfriend of 10 years. This privileged person within the new regime received an informer report on February 10, 1935: Ms. Fatma was seen with another man. On the same night, he stormed the Medeniye’s house in Çengelköy, where she was living with her mother. As a man who was the combined product of bourgeoisie, feudalism and religious backwardness, and as a treacherous gunman due to this act, he shot her in her sexual organ. It is said that Kılıç Ali, another bodyguard, reported this to Atatürk immediately and Atatürk said, “what the law says must be done.”

But what the law said could not be done. Fatma Mecidiye died at the French Hospital two days after Recep Zühtü shot her. Her cause of death was written in the hospital notebook, against standard practice of the time, in Ottoman Turkish instead of modern Turkish. Recep Zühtü was elected a member of parliament only five days later, for a third term. The prosecution’s investigation was conducted as a matter of procedure. But even if they made up an excuse of “accidental murder,” he would have to serve at least three years. The only way out was to get a certificate for him that said he was insane. So they wrote the report.........

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