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What’s wrong with an Orhan Pamuk TV series?

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Orhan Pamuk got in quite a bit of trouble recently, first by saying his latest novel Veba Geceleri (Nights of Plague) would make a fine TV series, and then by allegedly insulting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the said novel. The latter claim was rather absurd (it’s fiction!) and vehemently denied by the author himself. But the TV stuff stuck.

Pamuk gave a live Instagram interview last Tuesday about Veba Geceleri, and when asked if he would want to see the novel adapted to the screen, he said “yes.” A reluctant, Nobel laureate author kind of yes, though. He said: “Yes, I would. But it is not easy. None of my novels got adopted so far, and I got a reputation as high-maintenance. I want to do it; I will be more forgiving. This book might get adopted, too, but the standards are very high. I am willing to talk to whoever is ready to reach those standards; go ahead. This book would make a fine TV series, but I would meddle in. I want it to get adapted, though; I am open to talks; let me give that message. I think it might happen.”

The press took this Vicky Pollard-esque “yes but no but yes but” answer and made it into a “show me the money” statement as if Pamuk was calling out for prospective producers with the thickest checkbook. The very catchy headline was: “Orhan Pamuk: “My novel would make a fine TV series.” Certainly not for the faint of heart, the Turkish Twitter took the headline and had a heyday with it. The fact that Pamuk is a polarizing figure politically did not help either. Pamuk was ridiculed for being money hungry and an opportunist. He was compared to Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, the famous psychiatrist whose books are........

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