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My way or the M4-M5 highways

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Twist and turns, a sharp u-turn, a clean break, starting over -you name it. These all may depict maneuvers of some sort, and yes you guessed right, as in foreign policy as well. Yet maneuvering is anathema in my humble opinion when it comes to Ankara’s Syrian adventure. For, to execute a maneuver one has to have an end game in mind or at least one has to have had charted a course from point A to point B.

Here we are rather in cosmetics territory as in make-up. We may as well be in full lethargy territory. If you wish you can also hark back to late great thinker Berlin’s reference to the expression “a fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing.” But you would again be off the mark at worst or too optimistic at best.

It is perhaps more reminiscent of the expression “let’s lift anchor first and then see whether the steam will push the ship forward -that I heard being used more than once by various experienced ambassadors during my time at the Foreign Ministry. It also reminds me of another top Turkish diplomat’s stark warning in Davutoğlu era that “zeal should not be mistaken as efficiency” in foreign policy.

Let’s not turn around our subject matter any further: In short, Idleb will not end well for Turkey. Because there is no possible graceful exit. Any exit option is perceived as defeat by........

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