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Legacy of the International Tribunal for Rwanda isn't spotless — but it is remarkable

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The town of Arusha, in the northern part of Tanzania, hosts a small courtroom that has heard some terrible things and handed down some remarkable rulings in the world's history.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), established by the UN 25 years ago, tried the masterminds of the fastest genocide campaign of the 20th century.

In Rwanda, where I come from, ethnic Tutsis were targeted and nearly exterminated. Moderate Hutus, whose conscience overcame hate and turned down orders to kill or to betray their neighbors, were also killed.

More than 1 million Rwandans were murdered in just 100 days.

My aunt, a Tutsi, was killed along with her children. The killer was her own husband, who was Hutu. He killed the woman he once loved, and his own children, because he was convinced they had Tutsi blood — thanks to the evil media then that propagated hate and lies.

Our fellow Rwandans were murdered mercilessly. Most of their body parts were cut and then buried alive. In some cases, militias ate human flesh and drank their blood. Tutsi women were raped.

Tribunal for Rwanda sets precedent

The UN tribunal for Rwanda heard all these stories, decrypting jargon used by killers and........

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