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Resistance to fascism

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THE world has been observing anniversaries of important signposts during the final phase of the Second World War, such as the Soviet forces’ entry into Berlin, and the Allies’ victory in Europe. These celebrations will continue till the middle of August when the anniversary of Japan’s surrender (after the indefensible use of atom bombs on the civilian population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) will be observed.

This is an opportune moment to ascertain whether the victorious Allies’ gains have survived. Their desire to protect the imperialist division of the world was not realised. Most of the colonies became free through peaceful means while quite a few — in Indo-China, the Far East and Africa — had to wade through rivers of blood before they could shake off the colonial yoke.

The objective to replace the spineless League of Nations with a new organisation that could enforce peace according to the wishes of the Allies — Britain, China, France, USSR and the US — has largely been met.

The final, and not the least significant, objective was to save the world from fascism. Here an attempt is made to show that fascism has survived, and that the powers that had recruited soldiers from across the globe to bury fascism forever have themselves been blinking at the various manifestations of this evil of evils.

The rule-maker among the three fascist states that comprised the Axis was the Nazi state established by Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party, over the debris of the idealists’ dream of the Weimar Republic.

Fascistic methods have been used........

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