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Why economic prowess, not high culture, draws nations to India

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The GDP numbers for quarter one of the current fiscal have only confirmed fears of a major slowdown in the Indian economy.

Both anecdotal evidence and data have been indicating for quite some time that things are going south fast. Yet arrogance and hubris, and of course a penchant for voodoo economics in saffron socialists coupled with a proclivity of bureaucrats to convolute, complicate and control the economy (about which most of them know nothing) and mislead the political masters to make bizarre policies that in the past have only caused ruin.

Warnings ignored

Even when the government smelt the coffee and realised that the economy was in a tailspin, their responses were to tinker around the edges instead of undertaking sweeping reforms. That a government which has displayed great grit, determination, boldness and even audacious risk-taking ability on the issues of war and peace, strategy and foreign policy, to become so timid in matters of economic policy making is both disappointing and perplexing.

The thing that the people calling the shots in this government don’t get is that the reason for their successes in the domain of strategic and security policy is primarily because of the Indian economy, and not because the rest of the world is enamoured of India’s soft power, or philosophy or even yoga.

India's growing economic might........

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