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Why we need to celebrate India’s knowledge legacy

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Almost all of us have studied elementary geometry in school and are acquainted with the theorem of Pythagoras. It is elegant and elementary while also being important since it has many applications. What many of us may not be aware of is that this theorem had been discovered in India a few hundred years before Pythagoras.

What is even less well-known is that Pythagoras had visited India. There are documents from Greece dating back to before the start of the Christian era as well as just after the Christian era that describe his visit to the country. Whilst in India, it seems Pythagoras was deeply influenced by Jain philosophy and he became a vegetarian. Unfortunately, these facts are not mentioned at all in most schools when the subject is taught. And even in the schools where teachers mention it, they do so only in passing. It is a no brainer that it would make the teaching of geometry far more interesting if we could include some of these facts from history when teaching mathematics. Actually, it would make the teaching of mathematics far more interesting if we could incorporate into the content some of the applications and historical context that led to profound mathematical discoveries in India from since several hundred years before the time of Christ.

The roots of Math

I shall attempt to create a description by way of a modest sample of what could be taken from India’s history in a practical manner that could........

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