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Ted Cruz makes the mistake of asking a law expert which voter ID laws are racist on live TV

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It is very hard to come up with descriptors for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. He is a truly loathsome human being. The levels of bigotry, hypocrisy, and legislative malfeasance he has participated in over the last decade are hard to categorize with a few words. His fellow GOP sociopaths dislike him because he is a detestable human being to be around. His one guiding principle is power for himself, and his intellectual bankruptcy begins and ends with first-year high school debate rhetoric. The illusion, however meager, of Cruz’s intelligence and rhetorical talent was exposed as fraudulent after the repeated televised shellackings he took from Donald Trump during the Republican primaries.

On Wednesday, during a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing, Sen. Cruz was doing his best to misrepresent reality and Republican racist voter suppression tactics, questioning professor Franita Tolson of the University of Southern California’s law school. Sen. Cruz, who on his best day has the intellectual capacity and integrity of a preschooler's first papier-mâché project, was outmatched—to say the least. Enjoy.

Cruz began by asking whether or not voter ID laws are racist. It’s the kind of sweeping generalization that racists with a third-grade education consider the best way to argue about things. If you answer yes, then the rest of the questions Ted Cruz will send your way will point out the nuances of racism, and in so doing, make your argument seem unsophisticated.

PROF. FRANITA TOLSON: Thank you for your question. So, it depends. One thing we have to stop doing is treating all voter ID........

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