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Unvaccinated TikTokers embrace eugenicist fascism of Potter fantasy by identifying as ‘pureblood’

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If it wasn’t already clear that the anti-vaccination/anti-masking/pro-COVID contingent of the Trumpian right has great difficulty distinguishing reality from fiction, their latest trending social-media hashtag is its penultimate manifestation: #pureblood. Not only are they unable to distinguish between J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter wizarding world and their own, but simultaneously appear either oblivious to the fact that either they’re identifying with the story’s fascists, or perhaps wink-and-nudgingly embracing their eugenics.

Vice’s Tess Owens was among the first to report on this trend, noting that while the hashtag is popular on Facebook and Twitter, it has particularly taken off on TikTok, accompanied by such hashtags as #harrypotter and #unvaccinated. According to the Daily Dot, the use of the term probably originated with TikTok user kats.outta.the.bag, whose now-deleted video showed her with a black-and-white filter and onscreen text: “We will No longer be referred To as Unvaxxed… We simply go by….” She then revealed a filter with the phrase “Pureblood” highlighted in red.

Influencer Lyndsey Marie kicked the trend into high gear with a video that racked up over 250,000 views before she made it private.

“From now on, I refuse to be referred to as ‘unvaccinated,’” she declared. “I want everyone to now call me Pureblood.”

The video promptly gave birth to a variety of memes mimicking her declaration. Another TikTok user,........

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