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Tucker completes Fox’s descent into white-nationalist propaganda with ‘great replacement’ rant

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Tucker Carlson put the finishing touches on Fox News’ descent into right-wing extremism Wednesday night with an undisguised embrace of white-nationalist conspiracism in his latest rant attacking President Biden’s immigration policies. It’s now perfectly accurate to describe Fox News as a white-nationalist propaganda organ.

Claiming that Biden was deliberately creating the ugly situation with Haitian immigrants at the border in Texas, Carlson—widely considered the leading pundit at Fox with its top-rated talk show—then explicitly invoked white-nationalist conspiracy theories, telling his audience that Biden’s motives involved “the great replacement—the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from faraway countries.”

Previously, Carlson had skirted the direct use of white-nationalist rhetoric Wednesday’s segment, but on Wednesday night, it was an open embrace of the kind of argument one might hear from VDare’s Peter Brimelow or American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, describing immigration as a form of “eugenics”:

There’s only one plausible answer. You’re not allowed to say it out loud. CNN will attack you if you do. The social media companies will shut you down. The Southern Poverty Law Center will call you dangerous. You could lose your bank account. The left will become completely unhinged and hysterical, and that’s how you know it’s true. They only censor the true things. No one gets in trouble for claiming the earth is flat. So it would be risky for us to explain what’s actually happening here. But for once we don’t need to do that. Joe Biden himself has already done it. Biden explained the entire point of mass immigration back in 2015, when he was Vice President:

[Clip of Joe Biden]........

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