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Republicans freak out because the delta variant they fostered is killing ... Republicans

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One thing you can be absolutely certain of when it comes to Republicans: It’s never, ever their fault.

When the nation’s economy collapsed in 2007-2008 as a result of the subprime lending bubble, leading to the worst financial crisis (at the time) since the Great Depression, was it the Republicans’ fault? “Oh no, it was the fault of all those poor, feckless homeowners who took out loans they couldn’t afford! “ When that same colossally incompetent Bush administration blew its response to Hurricane Katrina, putting an Arabian horseshow “czar” in charge of the nation’s emergency relief management and wiping out an entire American city as a result, was that the Republicans’ fault? “Oh no, it was the fault of the city’s Black mayor!”

And when a unified, systematic, collective effort by Donald Trump and the Republican Party to minimize the worst global pandemic to strike this country in over a century led to a huge percentage of Americans refusing to accept a vaccine, was that the Republicans’ fault? When the entire right-wing media apparatus devoted the last year and a half to pooh-poohing the virus, belittling masks, and rejecting social distancing measures, and then denying the efficacy of vaccines; when they allowed ridiculous conspiracy theories to flourish in the face of dire medical warnings, leading to dismal vaccination rates in GOP-dominated states; and when millions of Republican voters who paid attention to all that propaganda now find themselves under siege by a new variant of the same virus, spreading like wildfire among these same vaccine “skeptics,” might that possibly have been Republicans’ fault?

No. It’s—get this—White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s fault! And more than that, it’s Joe Biden’s fault!

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