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No Republican is going to save the Republican party from itself

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The media has focused a lot of attention on those few Republicans—Liz Cheney, for example—who have spoken out publicly as the GOP transformed itself before our eyes into an authoritarian Trump cult, committed to overturning fair elections while disenfranchising as many Americans as possible in the process. You can appreciate this effort in the coverage on MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times and others surrounding the supposedly noble attempts by these dissident Republicans to save their party. And the attention is understandable; just seeing Republicans grant interviews to any media outlet other than Fox News has been quite a novelty in itself.

But if the traditional media is hoping such isolated voices as Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and a few others will somehow shift the course of the rest of the GOP—the vast majority of Republicans who have, for purposes of convenience, continued political viability or whether they actually believe in it, embraced this new ethic of sedition, voter disenfranchisement, and outright violence—they’re going to be disappointed. While the outsized coverage afforded to these outlier voices make for compelling political drama, the reality is that they do not represent the now-overwhelming consensus (at least publicly) of the GOP at both the state and national levels: namely, that the party’s future course is now inextricably tied to its obeisance to Donald Trump, and specifically Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was somehow nefariously snatched from his grasp. While most in the media will acknowledge this transformation and the danger it represents, only a few appear to be willing to explore the reasons why that transformation has occurred.

Elie Mystal, writing for the Nation, points out that what we are seeing in the GOP’s stunningly rapid descent into something indistinguishable from nascent fascism is an inevitable byproduct of where that party has been headed since at least the 1950s. He uses former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, the most recent example of Republicans now expressing their indignation at their party’s current trajectory, as an example.

Given that the Republican Party has now mainstreamed infection and insurrection, I get why mainstream media makers might think it’s newsworthy when any erstwhile Republican leader is willing to speak out against the party orthodoxy of lies and deceit. But let’s not make any........

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