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Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

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C&J Annual Fundraiser: Day 3

Sorry to pull out the big persuasion gun, but this morning I feel it's necessary to play the country song card in the hopes that it'll help keep this column and my meager passbook savings account afloat for another year. So here goes. I hope this works: "I'm beggin' ya darlin’, please."

Kos set up PayPal accounts for both one-time donations and recurring monthly donations. The monthly subscriptions are hugely helpful for minimizing the total needed during our annual C&J pledge week:

One time contribution: click here.
$5 monthly contribution: click here
$10 monthly contribution: click here
$20 monthly contribution: click here

Snail mail and thrilling conclusion below the fold...

To send a donation via snail mail, the address is:
Bill Harnsberger, 16 Pitt Street, Portland, ME, 04103.

If you're already a C&J monthly subscriber through PayPal
You don’t have to do anything but make sure your card is still active
and then feel good about your excellent investment.

A few brief points as we near the end of our 2022 plea for cash and jewels and/or fine artwork:

1) 100% of your donations go toward vital food, medicine and sagebrush clearing.

2) I have never taken money from Super PACs, and if they ever offer me any I would certainly turn them down. [Uncrosses fingers]

3) Spreading your wealth around to someone like me would be socialism, which I guarantee will drive the Republican snowflakes bonkers. So it's a unique opportunity to "own the cons." Do it! The more you give, the angrier they’ll get.

Thanks again for supporting America’s longest-running kiddie pool-based blog post. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled stuff you were doing before reading this.

Cheers and Jeers for Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Note: Ladies and gentleman, the captain has turned on the Okay, I’m Done Fucking Around Here sign. Please fasten your seat belts and grab your armrests until your knuckles turn white, as this is the first time it’s ever been used on a commercial flight and we’re not exactly sure what happens now. Thank you. —Your Flight Crew

By the Numbers:

Days 'til Juneteenth: 4

Days 'til the Bixby Green Corn Festival in Oklahoma: 8

Number of ideas Republicans have proposed that would effectively lower inflation: 0

Percent chance that scientists now believe climate change won’t affect Maine's lobster industry, thanks to our "unique oceanographic features" and ongoing conservation efforts: 100%

Number of major........

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