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Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Shots in Arms FRIDAY!

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Late Night Snark: Welcome to Autumn Edition

"[In Texas] private citizens can now sue others for aiding an abortion—whether you're a doctor, a clinic worker, or even an Uber driver who took someone to the clinic, meaning that this has managed to do the impossible and make being an Uber driver even worse: you don’t get health insurance, people are going to be assholes to you, and now you might also have a cash bounty on your head. Now get out there and beg for stars!"
—John Oliver

"Right now Democrats control the Senate by the thinnest of margins, and naturally Republicans want to take it back. But as they fight to make gains, they'll also have to defend 20 seats of their own. So far, five Republican senators have announced they're retiring. And to honor their service, they'll each get a commemorative watch that, just like them, stopped working at the time of the Capitol insurrection."
—Samantha Bee


"Yesterday the FDA authorized Pfizer booster shots for Americans 65 and older. Along with seniors, the agency okayed boosters for those in workplaces with high exposure risk, and those with high-risk conditions. Y'know, like diabetes or living in Florida."
—Stephen Colbert

"Many people are still resisting the covid vaccine in favor of the paste they use to de-worm horses, so much so that horse owners are having trouble finding it. One feed store in Las Vegas had to post this sign: 'Ivermectin will only be sold to horse owners—must show pic of you and your horse.' Can you imagine? You won't go to Walgreen's to get a free vaccine, but you'll spend four hours photoshopping your body onto a Clydesdale. And you know who's loving this the most? The horse worms."
—Jimmy Kimmel

Full #ClimateNight interview with @GretaThunberg: https://t.co/kF5sImoOav pic.twitter.com/Vie63yylzW

"It's a busy time in new York City, because the U.N. General Assembly is underway. President Biden talked about the pandemic, climate change, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan. When he watched, former President Trump was like, Pfft—I got way more laughs than that."
—Jimmy Fallon

And since this year's Emmy Awards were such a snoozer, here's a bit from last year's virtual event that still resonates:

"Un-thank you to the virus for keeping us all apart this year. Un-thank you to Trump for his crummy and uncoordinated response. Un-thank you to Boris Johnson and his government for doing the same in my country. Un-thank you to all the nationalist and quasi-nationalist governments in the world that are exactly the opposite of what we need right now. And un-thank you to the media moguls who do so much to keep them in power. So…un-thank you."
Succession creator Jesse Armstrong, during his Emmy acceptance speech

And now, our feature presentation…


Cheers and Jeers for Friday, September 24, 2021

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