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Woman uses forged vaccination card to travel to Hawaii, is arrested after misspelling 'Moderna'

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As most of us know, a single typo can often make a huge difference. Sure, I may walk away from both a meth lab and a math lab feeling confused, agitated, and savagely grinding my teeth, but the experiences are actually quite different.

But while spelling is an important skill for most folks, for forgers it’s a grim necessity. No one is going to buy a painting of surreal melted pimiento loaf sandwiches draped over sere desert flora if it’s signed by Salvador Deli. Not for millions, anyway.

Similarly, if you’re going to pretend you’ve been vaccinated, you might want to spell the name of your vaccine correctly, unlike one recent traveler to Hawaii last month.

The Hill:

Chloe Mrozak, 24, flew into Oahu, Hawaii on Aug. 23, and showed her fraudulent vaccination card to bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine for unvaccinated visitors. The card misspelled the vaccine Moderna as “Maderna.” However, by the time the airport realized it was forged, Mrozak had already departed the airport.

The card stated she had been vaccinated in Delaware by the National Guard, but there were no records of her vaccination in the state.

Hey, Hawaii already has enough problems with invasive species. It doesn’t need smug and ignorant mainlanders exporting their freedom phlegm to the archipelago, too.

24-year-old Chloe Mrozak from Illinois was arrested after allegedly using this fake........

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