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Who's the 'stupidest' Trump of them all? According to Mary Trump, it's Junior

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We all have that one relative whose brain is nothing but spackle, expired haggis, and unnecessarily circuitous termite tunnels, and presidents are no different. Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy. Bill Clinton had his half-brother Roger. And George W. Bush famously disgorged from the same womb as … wait. Never mind. He is the embarrassing, cookie dough-brained black sheep of that family.

Of course, when it comes to Donald Trump, there’s a brimming reservoir of Billy Carters, Roger Clintons, and George W. Bushes. It’s as if family patriarch Fred Trump’s languorous testes were briefly commandeered by the Bikini Atoll bocce ball team sometime before he and his wife decided to start their crime family.

If there’s one exception to this rule, it’s Mary Trump—the Lisa Simpson to Donald Trump’s evil Homer. Mary Trump—who’s back in the news thanks to her newly released book The Reckoning and the $100 million lawsuit her dimwit uncle filed against her for giving his tax records to The New York Times—has assessed the relative “intelligence” of the folks who share her surname and some of her (apparently latent) DNA. She’s decided the stupidest of them all is …

Donald Trump Jr.!

The Hill:

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