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Anti-vaxxers are now freaking out about blood donations from the vaccinated

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Assuming we don’t all die of the Omega! Omega! Omega! COVID-19 strain sometime before the year 2050, it’s easy enough to imagine future archeologists rooting through our scattered, bleached bones seeking explanations for why TruckNutz suddenly disappeared from the fossil record in 2040 or so. Eventually, they’ll discover that the Americanicus dumbfuckerus branch of the great apes’ evolutionary tree suddenly shriveled up, died, and was employed for a time as God’s go-to backscratcher before He noticed it gave Him a really gross rash.

Sometimes I wonder how Charles Darwin, the inventor of evil-ution, would have reacted to what’s going on these days in Florida and other boggy redoubts. After all, there’s a certain piquant irony to the fact that the very people who don’t believe in natural selection are eagerly proving its validity every day.

The latest? Well, it’s not enough that anti-vaxxers kill themselves with their scientifically ignorant rejection of vaccines. They’ve upped the ante by making non-COVID-19-related procedures and emergencies problematic, too.

The Daily Beast:

With nearly 60% of the eligible U.S. population fully vaccinated, most of the nation’s blood supply........

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