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The City View: Re-Leased CFO Sam Caulton on real estate’s brave new world

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Today Andy Silvester talks to Sam Caulton, CFO of Re-Leased, a commercial property management proptech. They discuss his journey to the role; why the commercial real estate sector’s been in desperate need of change, and how he effecting such change with Re-Leased; the impact of Covid on the sector; and the importance of being in a good office.

And in the news, there’s been disappointing results from Rio Tinto, BHP, and Antofagasta; and Elon Musk has stated that he has raised the funds to take over Twitter.

Episode transcript (auto-generated)

Andy Silvester 0:08 Hello and good afternoon to The City View podcast. I’m Andy Silvester from City A.M. this third my last of the week before you’re joined tomorrow for our tech special and a few minutes are joined by Sam Colton. He’s the Chief Financial Officer of property management company Re-Leased and we’ll talk about the state of the office market as Life begins at least to return to some version of normal first though some corporate headlines and it’s really all about the miners today in the City of London. We’ve had disappointing results really in warnings from bhp Rio Tinto and answer for gusta over both today and yesterday, all of them just at the point they should be capitalising on the commodity boom. That’s precisely the point at which it seems like production struggles are increasing tungsten wiced on the alt share, also struggling today. Stateside Twitter back in the news Nobody necessarily missed it. But there we are. Elon Musk saying today needless to say Where else but on Twitter that he had raised the money to finance a potential takeover bid of Twitter it will be a tender offer in which he goes to shareholders direct rather than to the board after they put in place a poison pill. This is going to run and run at one imagines close to home and Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton have joined the what many people believe to be the leading bid for Chelsea FC that run by Martin Brawley. We will see the results of the bidding process run by US investment bank rain in the coming weeks to decide upon the future of West London’s football club. That’s all from me in terms of the corporate headlines, but there’s plenty more to come when we talking about London with our guest today. Sam Waltons Chief Financial Officer of released a very interesting company trying to do its best to bring the 21st century to property management. Sam, pleasure to have you on Sam Caulton 1:55 Yeah look great — great to be on the podcast really looking forward to this to this discussion. Yeah, Andy Silvester 1:59 why don’t we start it off? Before we get on to the discussion about the wider sector and what we’re probably interested in and how we saw start forecasting the future of this space? Why don’t you give us the kind of elevator pitch of view and how you got involved in released and what what it was that appealed to you about about the company? Sam Caulton 2:19 Yeah, look, look fantastic. Look, my background is actually five years at KPMG in New Zealand. And I turned up to London in 2014. And managed to land a fantastic role with Great Portland estates or GP, ie a blue chip, real estate investment trust here in London. That’s where I fell in love with real estate or at least commercial real estate. And had a sort of got my tech journey underway after after GPA had three years and a San Francisco based technology business but knew I wanted to get back into commercial real estate and and I looked at the market and prop tech and I saw released as one of the players that were really going to, you know, were disrupting the sector, I knew that the sector was a little bit behind, not a little bit quite a long way behind, at least at that time, in digitization and technology. You know, a lot of spreadsheets, a lot of siloed data and information in and I saw our founder CEO, Tom Wallace, doing some fabulous things. And the company that he had built to that date was was really the one I wanted to back. So so that’s why I’m why I’m here. And so you know, that’s why the company is........

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