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We have been shaped by events and forces we don’t remember or simply didn’t recognize their importance.

As a species, we were moulded by seismic events that don’t register on any scale, but yet it made humanity what it is.

Sure, we know someone in China invented paper, that Newton “discovered” gravity and Columbus “discovered” the New World.

We know Archimedes invented the lever, specific gravity and host of other things. We know he is said to have a eureka moment and ran naked through the streets.

But we don’t remember pivotal moments that catapulted us forward, yet it is instructive to remember the forgotten and unnamed people who took us on detours that eventually became the road most travelled, just as examining our wounds and scars can tell us how we became us.

• The first “people” who decided to stand up two millions years ago certainly deserve our thanks. Shopping at the mall is bad enough without having to crawl through all the stores.

• The nomads who, 10,000 years ago, realized that farming had a better future than hunting. Nomadic life didn’t end with agriculture, but it is rare; some use a horse or camel while others use a car or plane. The hunter in us was sublimated, but the urge to roam, to be free, was never extinguished.

• The people who domesticated the horse........

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