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Have no faith in St Greta's crusade

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The climate change "die-in" has divided Canberra. In this opinion piece, we present the case against the protest. But read Sherryn Groch's piece, too, for another view.

Who can doubt the virtue of the climate change protesters who clog our streets in the noble name of saving the planet?

Great gesture but will it change anything? Protesters took over Commonwealth Avenue in protest at climate change inaction. Picture: Peter Brewer

We older people are stealing the future of the idealistic young and now they are angry. Who can blame them?

Me, actually.

Firstly, I don't like it when people decide to disrupt my life to try to make me do something. It's not democratic. It's a form of bullying.

And, secondly, it won't work.

If you put pressure on people - particularly if you do it sanctimoniously, flaunting your holier-than-thou virtue - some people will push back and take the opposite view. We're a bolshie people who won't be pushed about.

One activist in Victoria said protesters must "get right up in people's grills". In my view, a sure fire way of putting people off a cause is to "get right up their grills!"

My gripe is not about the cause itself. I am sure that climate change is (literally) the burning issue of our time. The science is robust. Nobody but a fool or a knave holds much doubt that human beings burning coal, oil and gas are causing climate change.

The science about what causes global warming seems to me to be beyond doubt but that doesn't mean the method of heading it off is.

But the protesters portray the........

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