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Here's another hidden cash grab by the ACT government

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I feel incensed enough to write and warn fellow citizens of the latest scam by the ACT government to gouge money from you.

My partner and I bought a new apartment in the city and settled on April 5, 2019. We did all the paperwork and on June 4 we received a letter from the ACT Revenue Office confirming, inter alia, that we were not liable to pay land tax. As owner occupiers we knew this to be the case.

It's getting harder to hang onto your money in Canberra. Picture: Getty Images.

It came as a very nasty surprise to receive an email from the Revenue Office out of the blue in early September demanding payment for a land tax for our apartment and charging us an extra amount for interest as we had not paid the account.

I did not understand how we could be billed as we were not liable as stated in the letter of June 4.

Subsequently, we have discovered that we do have to pay under Section 17 (2) of the Land Tax Act 2004. This is because when the property was liable for land tax on 1 April (before we settled on April 5) it was owned by a corporation and because it didn't pay the tax, the outstanding debt was passed onto us.

So we are going to have to pay the tax for the April to June quarter retrospectively even though we were not in the apartment on April 1 and we are not liable to pay land tax.

Yet another example of an unjust and unfair tax imposed by an uncaring and incompetent government.

Roll on the next election.

Howard Brady is on the wrong track if he thinks global warming is "a natural cycle" and rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide "make some contribution to that warming" (Letters, October 8). He may have been referring to one of the Milankovitch cycles: variations in the elliptical shape of the Earth's solar orbit that result in a 100,000-year cyclical variation in the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth.

It has been conclusively demonstrated by many scientific observations and studies that a gradual cooling Milankovitch trend in global temperatures changed relatively abruptly to a warming trend in about 1770, during the Industrial Revolution, and that warming continues unabated.

Mr Brady's claim that "climate change during the last 200 years has been in steps" is also well wide of the mark. Apart from a slowing in the rate of change between 1940 and 1960, the rate of warming has been steadily increasing, especially since about 1960.

Mr Brady also notes "ice ages with carbon dioxide levels much, much higher than today". In fact, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are 38 per cent higher today than they have been in at least 800,000 years.

Before attacking Professor Eggleton, DSc, Mr Brady should at least get his facts right. We are in the grip of a man-made potential climatic disaster.

Chris Mobbs (Letters, October 9) wants more detail on the government's plan for........

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