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Drones must be stopped from ruining the bush capital

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How sad it would be if the first city in the world ruined by the scourge of delivery drones was a city known as the Bush Capital; a city promoted by its government as the premier living destination in the country for its peaceful amenity, proximity to nature, and abundance of wildlife.

As a resident who lived through six months of the Bonython trial, I can tell you that my family and the majority of my fellow residents stopped thriving as we usually did in our peaceful enclave, and instead were reduced to surviving the invasive onslaught of noisy aircraft. All without consultation or warning from our government.

Wing's Terrance Bouldin-Johnson. Photo: Jamila Toderas

I left my home with my children many times to escape the noise. It was unbelievable to us that the ACT government would throw us to the wolves as they did.

The people of Canberra did not lobby for delivery drones. They are not essential to our well-being or economy. What is essential is the peaceful amenity of our homes and suburbs.

It is deeply upsetting to learn Project Wing delivery drones are being allowed to fly in Gungahlin without the ACT government having a period of public consultation to ask our city if residents want or need them.

I am infuriated a private company is being allowed to destroy what makes our city a uniquely magnificent place to live.

I. Kolak, Bonython

A prudent light rail party sounds like a blast. I can't wait to go along and be thanked by the Barr government.

Thanks for accepting the loss of the bus service to your suburb. Thanks for accepting your children have no school bus service. Thanks for accepting the fact we totally ignored a petition of over 600 residents tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly requesting a school bus service for our children. Thanks for accepting our sham "public consultation" over the new bus network. Thanks for accepting the way we snubbed any requests to reconsider the new bus network.

I'm not anti light rail, but when it comes at a genuine loss of service to other Canberra residents it's a pretty hard pill to swallow.

I'm not anti light rail, but when it comes at a genuine loss of service to other Canberra residents it's a pretty hard pill to swallow. Unfortunately a $100,000 (minimum) light rail sausage sizzle thank you celebration doesn't change anything.

S. Watt, Fairbairn

The Canberra Liberals seem to be mounting something of a campaign for the next ACT territory election. There have been letter boxing, fake "surveys" and even reports Giulia Jones has been seen in public.

It's odd timing for a territory campaign, given a federal election is imminent. Unless of course they are trying to deliberately muddy the waters between federal and ACT issues. Surely they wouldn't be that sneaky.... would they?

Perhaps Zed, understandably reluctant to run on his record, is trying to confuse electors and to weasel his way back into the Senate by moonlighting in his old job.

He could possibly get away with it as no-one can remember who is actually the ACT leader of the........

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