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Quick! Let's save Izzy Folau from hell

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Just as Israel Folau has been so anxious to warn homosexuals about what the Bible says is in store for them I leap, anxiously, to warn him of what the Bible says is in store for him if he's not careful.

What does the Bible say is in store for the very-rich Israel Folau. Picture: Shutterstock

Folau, already fabulously remunerated for playing the sports at which he excels, has just wrung an $8m "settlement" from an apologetic Rugby Australia. Already quite rich by my admittedly working-class calculations, Folau is, now, filthy rich.

He and I both seem to know the Bible rather well (although while for me it is a work of sometimes very fine fiction and excellent journalism for him it is God's truth) and so, just in case he has somehow forgotten it, I point him to Mark 10:25.

There we find Jesus the socialist giving the most famous of his many sermons condemning the greedy.

How scathing he would have been, if in Australia during the late election, of the greedy oldies in their mansions (their garages crammed with late model Winnebagos) carrying on like outraged pork chops about the possibility of losing their filthy franking credits.

Yes, in Mark 10 we find Jesus warning, graphically, that "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven". For........

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