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Bell: Trudeau throws Alberta crumbs, Notley unhappy

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There are days where you’re watching politicians up on stage and it’s not long before you reach for the Pepto-Bismol.

Tuesday was such a day. Amarjeet Sohi, Trudeau’s pipeline point man, is on stage in Edmonton.

So is Jim Carr, another Trudeau sidekick.

Carr has the amazing ability to talk a lot and say very little.

Carr was one of many Liberals who mouthed Trudeau’s mantra about how a pipeline was going to be built.

Cross their heart and hope to die.

On Tuesday, Team Trudeau says they feel our pain. They know our frustration.

They understand our anxiety. They want to help us.

They announce $1.5 billion in loans for the oilpatch.

They announce $150 million cash.

If this is a Christmas announcement, it’s like finding a pair of socks and underwear under the tree when you thought you were going to get a new train set.

Albertans want jobs. Albertans want to move our oil to those willing to buy.

Albertans want to see a government really fight for a pipeline.

Albertans want an oilpatch allowed to do what it can do well.

Make money and grow this economy.

Instead, we’re served up politicians with Band-Aids and jive........

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