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The GOP's voter suppression mania is threatening American democracy. Democrats need to step up and fight back.

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The Republican Party is losing the public opinion fight on all fronts.

Their twice-impeached standard-bearer is the least popular president ever polled, they continue to block policies in Congress with overwhelming public support, and most Americans don't believe their baseless electoral fraud claims or conspiracy theories.

Much of this isn't new – the GOP has thrived for years without winning any popularity contests – but the party today is heading so far into crazytown that they are starting to lose critical votes.

The GOP is at a crossroads with two possible paths before them: pitch a wider tent with a message that appeals to constituencies they have lost; or retrench to focus on a shrinking segment of the population. Based on their actions at the federal and state levels, it appears Republicans are choosing the latter.

To win against the majority, GOP officials are changing the rules of the game. Because they can't win on the merits, Republicans are taking voter suppression to increasingly dangerous new heights. They must be stopped.

Voter suppression is not a new concept for the Republican Party. As Republican advisors have admitted, the GOP has long relied on restricting the vote to compete in key battleground contests. Some of their favorite tactics have been shutting down polling sites in Democratic-leaning Black and Latino communities, pushing unnecessary voter ID laws that benefit Republicans, and purging voter rolls.

Last year, Republicans became even more brazen. The Wisconsin GOP rejected........

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