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Give it up Reagan Republicans, you're not in the GOP anymore

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I think it's really time to call it. The GOP is no longer the party of small government and fiscal responsibility (or at least lip service to those ideals). It is, first and foremost, the party of denying reality. The party of "The Big Lie," and of corrupting our political institutions with the fantasy that elections it loses must have been stolen.

If you're a "Republican" and that's not what you believe, it's time for you to leave too. There is no "saving" the party. It's over. I have no idea where you should go. Maybe join the Libertarians and try to get them to sound less absurd. Maybe start your own party. Maybe plan on heading to Mars with Elon Musk. All that's clear now is that the things that used to matter to Republicans — like limited government, a strong national defense, and fiscal responsibility — do not matter anymore. All that matters is buying into a toxic make-believe.

On Wednesday the GOP will almost certainly purge Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership in the House of Representatives. Her colleagues will tell you it's because she's undermining the party message, or something equally anodyne, but in reality it's because she won't keep her mouth shut while other members continue to poison our discourse with the lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

The rest of Cheney's conservative bona fides —........

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