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15 Awesome Rebrand Examples That Tell a Great Brand Story

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Everyone loves a good makeover, whether it’s a house, a wardrobe, or (in our case) a rebrand. There’s just something irresistible about that before and after moment. For us, rebrands are especially exciting because they take such an enormous amount of work. Why? Because a rebrand isn’t really a design challenge; it’s a communication challenge—one that requires you to use every asset available to reinforce your brand story with thought, care, and intention. That’s why we love geeking out over great rebrand examples from all corners of the Web. (We’re guessing you do too.)

Whether you’re gearing up to rebrand or just a fan of great work, we’ve rounded up 15 great rebrand examples that prove how successful a rebrand can be when approached from both a strategic and creative standpoint. From print magazines to pain relievers, we hope you find a little creative inspiration in these brands’ work.

Sometimes you don’t quite get a rebrand right the first time—and that’s OK. After having rebranded in 2018, Fast Company realized they needed to realign their visual identity to the brand’s three visual principles: sophisticated, playful, and gender-neutral.

Thus, the design team embarked on a mission to anchor their visual language through subtle changes. They moved away from aggressive all-caps headers, added iconography to distinguish sections, included a fluctuating design for page numbers, and introduced a more playful element. The result? A refreshing update that keeps the brand true to its core values.

Image source: Fast Company; Photo: Guerin Blask; Illustration: Bruno Mangyoku

Image source: Fast Company; Photo: Cara Robbins

Image source: Fast Company; Icons: Chelsea Schiff

How do you take a brand built on elegance and wealth (one basically made for the Monopoly Man) and give it a younger, hipper, fresher look? That was exactly the challenge the luxury car maker faced with their 2020 rebrand.

Pentagram led the charge by balancing a sleeker, more modern look with nods to the brand’s history. They updated the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem and refined the brand’s iconic double-R monogram. To modernize the color palette, they leaned toward more gender-neutral tones but retained the regal spirit of the brand through rich purple hues and rose gold. And for typography, they turned to Elegant Riviera Nights, featuring beveled edges that add sophistication and style.

Overall, it’s a beautiful rebrand that welcomes younger generations into the lap of luxury.

Images source: Pentagram/Rolls Royce

Medium is a global platform that reaches 170 million readers, but the brand felt limited by its old identity. As part of the company’s shift to facilitate more dialogue between readers and writers, they needed a creative, flexible language that would evolve with the brand and allow designers to depict an array of ideas. To achieve this, Medium tapped Collins to tackle their rebrand.

Thus, the logomark got a simple but effective polish, with tighter tracking and smoother lines, accompanied by a new symbol: a three-dot design........

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