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Hell, Folau has given an old threat a new lease of life

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Lord knows there are many things at present that could make one think of Hell. Impending climate catastrophe, murders, massacres, poverty, terrorism, dislocation of millions from war, corruption, greed, reality TV; they could all do the trick. But in a sign of the weirdness of the times, it’s taken a rugby union player to place it front and centre.

'Promoting discrimination': Israel Folau's campaign lasted four days on the GoFundMe site.Credit:AP

Thanks for nothing, Israel Folau.

Science can divide time into slivers so minute they can render it meaningless to a human. Science can see so deeply into the structure of matter that it no longer resembles what it is. And yet Hell can still stand, or slurp in a sulphuric whirl, without a nod to science. It is just there. Like heaven. How great is that?

Folau, of course, can believe what he chooses to believe. He can, and does, lead his life according to those beliefs. And his creed is the Bible. To him, it’s fundamental to existence. So when he tells the world, via social media, that Hell awaits “drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and........

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