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Can you love someone and also hate their politics?

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Is it possible to love someone whose politics you hate? In a time when the world seems more divided than ever, it's a relevant question. Family members are arguing over politics at dinner, friends are falling out over ideology, and people are blocking each other online simply for stating opposing political views.

Now, no one should be forced to spend time with a racist or bigot, whether they are a casual friend or a close relative. But is it still possible to have loving, respectful relationships with people who hold different political ideas?

Yes, you can love someone with different politics to you.Credit:Stocksy

US psychoanalyst Dr Jeanne Safer is a liberal married to a hard-core conservative.

Her book, I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics, argues it is possible to overcome opposing ideologies, and that we place too much emphasis on politics as a mark of character.

She believes the friction in politically incompatible relationships arises less from the views themselves, and more from what those views represent to the other person.

Anna*, an Australian who was engaged to man with right wing views, says her fiance’s conservative........

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