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Why Australia swings between two flawed parties

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Not unlike the epic Game of Thrones television series, the final stages of the 2019 election battle are finally upon us.

After what seemed like an eternally long phoney war, the political forces of both parties are spread far across the land, fighting hand to hand in marginal seats, where the weapon of choice is not swords and arrows, but local grants and free sporting amenities.

Which way will voters swing this time? Illustration: Dionne GainCredit:

Which side will ultimately seize the upper hand? We don’t have long to wait now to find out.

At such times, it’s handy to step back and consider the vast sweep of Australian political history.

When you do, it’s clear that this is an eternal war, raging for many decades between the pro-market forces of what today we call the Coalition and the interventionist tendencies of the Labor Party.

Periodically, the Australian people tire of one approach and opt for the alternative. And then that party is inevitably brought undone by the respective fatal flaws in their ideological make-up.

Consider the Coalition. At its finest, it is a market-oriented party, cognisant of the wonderful things that can happen when free individuals come together to trade and prosper.

At its worst, it becomes a lazy........

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