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If you want to be yourself, then stay credible... that’s long and shorts of it

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Hurtful enough that he was ousted as party leader after only three weeks in office, but, in further humiliation for Edwin Poots this week, his post-resignation claim of evisceration by DUP big beasts was all but eclipsed by Stephen Nolan’s nobbly knees.

A photograph of the interview between smartly dressed Mr Poots, attired in his Sunday best, and Mr Nolan in gutties, shorts and T shirt has been one of the major talking points of the last few days.

Is it polite, when you’re interviewing a Government minister, to dress as though you’re headed for a beach barbecue?

Or, as one of his social media critics suggested, looking as though you tumbled out of bed and then threw on the first thing to hand?

Nolan defends himself by pointing out that he was in his own home and, “I ain’t going to change just to pose for a photo and try to be something I’m not. Take me as you find me.”

It’s a telling comment, because much of Stephen Nolan’s popularity — and he himself surely knows this — comes from being himself.

People warm to him because there is no artifice. He’s been brutally honest about his battle with weight and those of us who also find it hard to resist the call of the fridge admire him for that.

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He doesn’t come from a gilded background and doesn’t pretend otherwise. He may live on a fantasy island now, but he’s well grounded. He doesn’t dress to impress. He doesn’t need to.

Just be yourself. That’s........

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