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Unionist ‘cunning plan’ a trick to cheat Sinn Fein out of top job

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Given that we are in the middle of commemorating the setting-up of Northern Ireland, it is helpful to remember that Northern Ireland — as opposed to the historic province of Ulster — was gerrymandered to guarantee a long-term unionist majority.

This is not some sort of nationalist propaganda, but an unalterable historical fact and it was done at the insistence of the founding father, Sir James Craig, the first prime minister of Northern Ireland.

There is nothing secret about this and, as far as Craig was concerned, this was realpolitik: this was the best deal he could get for unionism and he pursued it assiduously with Lloyd George, the devious and unprincipled British prime minister at the time.

The thousands of Ulster unionists who lived in Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal were cynically abandoned by Craig and his unionist colleagues in order to ensure their permanent hold over the six counties of Northern Ireland.

Those unionists who lived outside the six counties that formed Northern Ireland were simply cut loose from the unionist family to fend for themselves.

This audacious gerrymander by Craig, that dismembered the historic province of Ulster, successfully maintained a unionist majority in the population right up to the present.

But, now, even........

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