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Canceling Rent is Canceling America

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Long after Twitter decided to censor the leader of the free world for suggesting dangerous ideas, such as his suggestion that the American people should have absolute assurances about the integrity of presidential elections, it struck me that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cadre have been free as birds to use the platform to loudly crow about the need to “cancel rent.”

This is the most dangerous idea to have been peddled by Democrats in recent years, which, if you’ve happened to notice the Party’s hard pitch leftward, is really saying something.

The danger here isn’t difficult to discern.

Say I own a piece of property, and like millions of Americans, I fashioned it for use as a rental property to earn income from tenants for its use. The government decreeing that I can’t legally and freely negotiate rent for the use of that property, or evict a tenant for refusal to pay, is the absolute nullification of my liberty and right to ownership of that property.

That’s it. Full stop.

After all, if I had liberty, I would certainly choose to do something with the property other than rent it to tenants who don’t pay. Any law keeping the tenants there without payment would amount to a government gun to my head. Of course, the government could pay me to house the tenants, but the government has no money at all lest it first takes it from others. This makes the latter alternative little more than full-on communism, complete with a government boot on the collective throat in demanding redistribution of resources to manage the individual requirements of daily........

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