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We Fight Now or the Socialists Win

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The Democratic Party is no longer a political party; it has become a religion. Its acolytes practice politics with every bit of the religious fervor of Islamic militants throwing a gay man off the roof of a ten-story building because Sharia tells them it’s what he deserves. Make no mistake, every day, our new socialists fight for the right to do the same to us.

After driving two hours to vote against Sandy O, I was told my ballot would be challenged because my signature didn’t match from when I registered as a Conservative in 1976. I offered to show ID, which only engendered anger. ID is not allowed -- too reminiscent of using Voter ID to weed out illegal voters. Of course, the real reason for the challenge was the “C” next to my name. The poll lady was not about to allow a conservative to vote. If they were willing to do that in an election they were guaranteed to win, what will they do next year?

Democrats know Donald Trump will win in 2020 and are planning to cheat to deny him victory. These new socialists are importing a new electorate through open borders and have proposed legislation to allow illegals the vote. They stole seats in the midterms using ballot harvesting and miraculously appearing boxes of “uncounted” Democrat ballots and will do the same in 2020.

The midterms were a trial run........

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