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Southeast's Largest Newspaper Commands You to Keep Being Terrified of COVID

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As we are now well into July, plans for the 2021–2022 school year are ramping up. For many school systems, the first day of school is less than one month away. Given this, and in order to make sure that the government schools maintain as much control as possible over American children, the COVID-worshiping media are again ramping up the Wuhan Virus panic porn. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) is no exception.

With an opinion piece entitled, "To mask or not to mask: Why's that even a question in schools?," the AJC's chief education writer, Maureen Downey, bemoans the fact that "[a]lmost all Georgia school districts will leave it to parents to decide whether their kids wear masks when they return to school next month." In addition to its authoritarian tone, Ms. Downey's lengthy column is rooted in three false premises: 1) unvaccinated children are in danger from the Wuhan Virus, 2) there's a "new COVID variant" that places children in new danger, and 3) masks work.

There's a mountain of data (much of it chronicled here and here) that reveal that masks and lockdowns are unnecessary (and often dangerous) when it comes to slowing or preventing the spread of the Wuhan Virus and that children — vaccinated or not — are in very little to no danger from the Wuhan Virus. As far back as August of last year, the data made clear that children were in virtually zero danger from the Wuhan Virus.

Numerous school districts across the U.S. — especially private schools, and especially those in GOP-led states — did not shut down, did not mandate masks or social distancing, and had no Wuhan Virus–related problems.

Ms. Downey also pushes the false notion that, because of the close contact that most sports require, high school athletes are in more danger from the Wuhan Virus. On this she writes, "However, the findings do suggest athletics, especially indoor, pose a higher infection risk than outdoor spaces or classrooms. 'We need to have special........

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