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The 'Centers for Disease Control' is No Such Thing

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You read that right. That's the name on the sign in front of the building. It's the advertising when one of its higher level bureaucrats testifies before Congress. And it's the bludgeon used to corral all dissenters into one place where individual choice is extinguished. Beyond all that, it's a lie.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a classic example of how futile man's attempts to "control disease" are. By time we even knew that it had arrived in the U.S., it had spread widely. Since most people don't get severe disease, many in contact with Patient Zero had gotten what they may have attributed to a cold or flu. Recognizing that those diseases in their age group were seldom serious, they took some Tylenol and stayed out of work for a couple of days. Rinse, repeat, and the bug is "in the wild," long beyond any attempts to control it. Yet the CDC claimed we could. Does anyone recall "fifteen days to stop the spread?"

The Conspiracy for Deceptive Calculations (h/t: Tony Perkins) decided that instead of locking sick people up where they couldn't infect others — a proper quarantine — they'd lock the rest of us up. This "lockdown" was immediately recognized by cooler heads as stupid. Yes, stupid. Quarantine works when you lock sick people up, but when you lock healthy people in with them, you get a lot more people infected. Just ask Miracle Worker Cuomo, whose New York policies led to 60% of all COVID cases to be among those locked down and thousands of nursing home patients killed when he forced sick people into long-term care facilities. Lockdowns also caused immense numbers of deaths due to other diseases not being properly detected or treated.

As we start our journey of discovery, we must flip to the grooveyard of forgotten tunes. Who can forget the constant chorus of "everyone has to be tested!" There were long lines at all sorts of public venues for drive-through tonsil torture. We then waited for results from a test that even the inventor said wasn't to be used for diagnostic purposes. It was unstandardized and unreliable. But the CDC kept pushing........

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