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The Traits of the Authoritarians Among Us

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The perpetually irascible Samuel Goldwyn, a founder of the American motion picture industry, once said “I am willing to admit I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.” While Goldwyn said this tongue-in-cheek, the quote is an accurate portrayal of one of the primary and most obvious character traits of those with authoritarian mindsets.

Those that have a predilection towards authoritarianism invariably have a deep-seated conviction of infallibility combined with attendant hubris and pathological lying. Traits that are ever present in those that can justify any devious or unethical means to achieve their goal.

There are two irrefutable and intertwined realities of authoritarianism that the citizens of any democratic nation must recognize and understand. First, any political party that espouses ever greater power for the central government, socialist-centric economic policies and continual erosion of individual freedom is an existential threat to the nation. Second, the leaders of these political parties and their disciples will lie incessantly and under no circumstances will they alter their policies or tactics, as they can never be wrong in their pursuit of unbridled political power.

Perhaps nothing better defines this mindset of infallibility and pathological lying than the deliberate mismanagement of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic. Since March of 2020 the governing/professional class and its accomplices in the medical establishment have regurgitated innumerable falsehoods and have been responsible for a variety of catastrophic mistakes. Not only has there been no acknowledgement that errors were made but they were compounded by abject refusals to change course.

Among the myriad overt lies and exaggerations the American........

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