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Resurgent Populism and the Fate of America’s Elites

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Perhaps never in modern human history have a nation’s elites been more spineless and self-absorbed than in today’s America. In order to protect their privilege, America’s most privileged are nervous and afraid of conflict even when they have the knowledge, experience and ammunition to counter specious charges of political incorrectness or the mainstreaming of anti-Americanism or the exhortation of nation-transforming left-wing programs and dogma.

As America’s elites cower and almost immediately acquiesce to any organized leftist mob, they do not comprehend that these pusillanimous traits have spawned an era of resurgent populism in the United States that is motivated by a determination to rid the country of their malignant influence.

In normal modern societies, the ruling class, despite their individual personal failings, has symbolized empathy, ability, learning and good judgement. But America no longer has a normal society as the unchecked egocentricity and cowardice of the elites is the indisputable sign that this nation is mired in mediocrity.

Ours is a society that has been turned upside down and as such it is difficult to come to grips with the astounding level of deterioration in such a short span of time. This unfathomable deterioration has been brought about as a result of the abandonment of fundamental Judeo-Christian tenets (the root cause of their self-absorption) and the abject spinelessness throughout all components of the American ruling class.

Despite being their well-credentialed superiors, many college presidents and faculty members are acquiescing to virtually all of the inane demands of the fatuous, ill-educated and rudderless students in their charge. Further, they fall all over themselves apologizing for imaginary crimes while mindlessly abrogating free........

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