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The Case for a Military Return to Afghanistan

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What I’m about to say is highly controversial, but I think it’s the elephant in the room even for many who support ending the Forever War. With this mess in Afghanistan, things look grim for the U.S. We’ve lost our dignity, the respect of our allies, trust in our good will, and sensible strategic positioning. And now a deadly terror attack at Bagram has claimed the lives of dozens of American servicemen and Afghanis. Our hearts bleed.

Across the planet people are wondering if America has lost her mojo. A pathetic and belated speech by the president didn’t ease those concerns as he threatened to take bold retaliatory action out of one side of his mouth, but continue with the withdrawal deadline unabated, out of the other—placing what we now know is lethal dependence on an alliance with our “new partners” in the region, the Taliban. As if the ass-backwards withdrawal weren’t confounding enough, this latest “strategy” articulated by General McKenzie and the president is so patently asinine, forget about America’s lost mojo. America has lost her freaking mind.

To make things even worse, this self-inflicted punch to the gut came from the class idiot.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is in control and possesses $80 billion worth of proprietary, high-tech weaponry. With our porous borders, the risk for retaliation on American soil is breathtaking. As we abandon the world stage, Russia and China are poised to fill the vacuum.

Do we just let it all unfold? Or, take a different approach?

Through the fog of our reckless disengagement from Afghanistan, there just might be an opening to make lemonade out of withdrawal lemons. I don’t sense support among the people for allowing the withdrawal to proceed as is. After this attack, even less. It would diminish our stature as a world power taking third seat to the Russians and Chinese,........

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