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Scapegoating the Unvaxxed

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In his National Review articles, Kevin D. Williamson has a long history denigrating conservatives—especially Trump supporters -- and he doesn’t disappoint with “Get Stuck, Dummy.” The title speaks for itself but his true feelings surface a few paragraphs in when he demands “Get vaccinated, you f***ing dopes.”

It’s not the F word that popped my cork as much as calling people who delay vaccination “dummies and dopes.” He joins a growing chorus in the Democrat-Media Complex who share those sentiments.

The article is an exercise in futility, failing to make a fact-based argument to support his thesis that unvaccinated conservatives, who think they are patriots but are really hypocrites, put the general population at risk. While he doesn’t believe in vaccine mandates “enforced at the points of federal bayonets” he wholeheartedly embraces “making life inconvenient and restricted for [conservatives who haven’t been vaxxed] who, out of misplaced political outrage and civic immaturity, refuse to do their part in what should be a reasonably straightforward national effort.” Why, even kindergartners and refugees do it.

Mandated public school vaccines are substantively different from COVID mandates: they target children, not the entire population; diseases with a higher kill and maim rate; and the specific activity of attending school versus everything we do to live and function.

Refugees must meet certain vaccine requirements because they often arrive from parts unknown with diseases rarely seen in America that can spread like wildfire. It is a condition for entry; not imposed on the broader........

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