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What Travel During COVID Reveals

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Just returned from a 10-day trip to the UK, visiting relatives and seeing a few sights.

Thanks to COVID, the streets were not nearly as busy as is usual in the fall -- and prices in normally expensive London were reasonable for once. My hotel in Paddington cost me just $116 per night. It’s often double or even triple that.

The bad news is that the “turnkey totalitarianism” that observers on both the political Left and Right have been warning about for years -- the ability of first world governments and their Big Tech co-conspirators to shut off civil liberties with the flip of a switch -- is painfully apparent when you travel.

The government of the Australia is only the most obvious example. Overnight, Australia has gone from being one of the world’s most highly rated democracies to a dystopian nightmare, with the government banning all travel not merely internationally but also between individual regions and cities.

Like the former “democratic people’s republics” in the old Soviet bloc, Australia now bars its own citizens from leaving the country (whether vaccinated or COVID-free or not) and has instituted state-of-the-art surveillance technologies, similar what East Germany’s old secret police implemented, to ensure that its cowering citizens comply with orders to stay locked in their homes.

Not lost on constitutionally-aware Americans is the reality that Aussies voluntarily surrendered all their weapons in 1996 following a mass shooting -- and so, as the Hill recently put, “the state and........

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