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The Real Faces of Privilege

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Last April quietly marked the second anniversary of Attorney General William Barr’s appointment of Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham to look into the origins of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation by the FBI, the nom de guerre for a Trump witch hunt using a Russian pretext in search of a crime. After the apocryphal 2020 election, Barr stiffened the reins of the investigation against Democrat hijinks by designating Durham as an independent special counsel.

Conservative talk shows have long suffered their audiences to believe that a Durham bombshell was imminent, replete with handcuffs and perp walks. Each anxious expectation ended up in the rear-view mirror. The investigation has already outdistanced the Mueller probe and is now laboring against the headwinds of a vindictive White House with the power to prevent the release of any public report.

One ponders the investigative strategy, as it has carefully avoided painting the Obama cohort as targets. Nevertheless, at ground zero swirl the household names that flap like colorful ensigns over liberal news outlets, resonate daily at coffee clutches, and give voice to conservative blogs -- James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith, and James Comey, the latter five part of a disgraced leadership cabal at the FBI that still exudes a ghostly and partisan influence in the front office.

As the Democrats continue to create false equivalencies between January 6 and far more momentous events, the FBI complies by raking the national landscape for MAGA hats seen in or around the Capitol on that day, canvassing neighborhoods for snitches and bringing scrutiny upon families and livelihoods. Just down the street, Antifa rioting, looting, and property destruction get a wink and nod as simply youthful expression not worthy of note on a court docket.

Many caught up in the conspiracy to overturn the will of the people have deflected malfeasance with Trump-bashing memoirs trafficked by publishers with hefty book advances seeking profit from a political era gone mad. With inverted notions of right and wrong, their tomes lift them up as........

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