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Biden's DoJ vs. the Police

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While American heads are still spinning over Afghanistan, despotic COVID mandates, and gluttonous spending bills, the Civil Rights Division (CRD) under Merrick Garland is quietly advancing a Biden campaign promise to put major police departments back under the thumb of the federal government. This jihad against police is occurring against a backdrop of DoJ paralysis towards burning cities, Antifa violence, the inhumane treatment of January 6 protesters, election fraud, and city and state attorneys who coddle felons.

Muscling the CRD initiative is newly-minted Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, a ne’er-do-well Democrat with a Harvard chip on her shoulder who’s made no bones judging people by their melanin levels. Despite her race-based predispositions, she gained her position by Republican duplicity. Susan Collins crossed the aisle to end Senate debate over Clarke’s nomination and gave the Democrats the slim majority they needed to drag her across the finish line.

Clarke’s jihad against American policing advances through pattern and practice investigations, onerous legal assaults that throw the weight of her Special Litigation Section at police departments that find themselves in the crosshairs. First authorized by Bill Clinton in 1994, these federal probes waned through the Bush years and gathered momentum during the Obama administration under Eric Holder and Tom Perez.

High-profile police confrontations and shootings are often the ticket to a CRD probe. Local activist groups can also prompt CRD investigations. The division itself can also solicit business by sending their lawyers shopping for complainants in minority communities or using online portals to solicit plaintiffs who believe themselves ill-treated.

Once Clarke blesses an investigation, CRD lawyers swarm, enfilading a department with records requests and slowly peeling the layers off internal policies and protocols in search of irregularities. Scattered citizen complaints, poor recordkeeping, lax internal investigations, inadequate training,........

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