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We Need to Talk about Pakistan

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It was either Voltaire, or Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, one of the founding fathers of the French Revolution, who observed that the now-former nation of Prussia “is not a state that has an army, rather an army that has a state.”

In contemporary times, that description aptly applies to Pakistan.

An examination of the history of Pakistan reveals several disturbing consistencies.

In Pakistan, few ‘elected leaders’ ever complete their tenure in office. These ‘leaders’ are either executed or jailed after Pakistan's the deep state stages a coup. The more fortunate manage to bribe their way out in exchange for being ‘exiled’ to a foreign country, where they live in great luxury.

Occasionally, army generals from the deep state who led coups to become leaders themselves become victims of a coup led by other factions. If the deep state does not eliminate them, the Islamists supported by factions in the deep state conduct an assassination.

The Pakistani deep state comprises of the armed forces, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the judiciary.

The deep state in Pakistan has ruthlessly used iron-fist tactics at regular intervals, to serve as severe warnings to ‘elected’ leaders who presume that their elected office gives them a license to develop a mind of their own.

The knowledge that they can be summarily dethroned or even eliminated perennially looms over every elected leader in Pakistan. Hence, they operate with the utmost caution, never daring to disturb 'equilibrium' as determined by the deep state.

In Pakistan, the news media is always on a tight leash. Media outlets that dare to be critical of the deep state are regularly shut down while journalists are hauled up for treason when they show any streak of independence.

Religious minorities such as Hindus and Christians are treated as non-persons, irrespective of what Pakistan's constitution may state. Places of worship for minorities such as temples and churches in Pakistan are........

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