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Does the AMA Really Care About Human Life?

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As a doctor, I see the lies of abortion.

Most doctors do, yet incredibly, the American Medical Association does not. For them, it's as if they don't care about human life.

Since I first comprehended that a baby in the womb could be legally and barbarically killed, I have asked many questions, most of which usually go unanswered. How is it that in a country which guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in its founding document, that we have allowed so many children to be sacrificed? What kinds of people allow abortion and what kinds of people perform these procedures?

Although the Judeo-Christian heritage has always valued children, many other religions through the ages have demanded child sacrifice to please their gods. It is therefore not surprising that leaders exist now, who in devoting themselves to the gods of money and power, continue to glorify child sacrifice and work arduously to distance themselves from the country’s roots. What is surprising, however, is the level of concern these same abortion promoters, such as Joe Biden, Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association, have for my life over the COVID pandemic, as they infringe upon civil liberties and stifle alternative COVID views, all in the name of protection from COVID. Or is it really surprising?

I have studied human embryology, anatomy, physiology, and the reproductive system as part of the process to obtain the title, "doctor."

No one knows better than a physician what occurs in the gravid uterus. In the 1970s, in spite of this knowledge, self-infatuated physicians forced abortion on the population, lying to colleagues and patients, for whom they claimed so much emotional attachment.

Abortion was advertised as a necessary medical solution to a societal dilemma phrased as “problem pregnancy,” implying that the human reproductive system working as designed could be a problem, and suggesting that a human pulmonary system working as designed, should be referred to as “problem breathing.”

The solution to this problem is and has been to kill a........

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