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The First Amendment and American Greatness

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The First Amendment, that sacred door to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, is the true source of America’s greatness and genius. The First Amendment contains the seeds that inspire humans to greatness: religion, intellect, and liberty. Our natural condition as humans is to be religious, intellectual, and free. Precisely because this is the root of American exceptionalism and the greatness of human ingenuity in the United States, the forces of destruction, desecration, and despotism must destroy the very flame that inspires our soul to lofty heights.

That the First Amendment is under siege is an understatement. The attacks against religious liberty, free speech, and free assembly are aimed at creating a servile population subjugated to the will and whim of the Beltway Bureaucracy and their Beijing and Silicon Valley masters. The genius of our Founding Fathers to include, in the First Amendment, the three realities deep in human nature which, when harmoniously combined, produce human greatness, is a testament to their wisdom and reveals the depravity of our present state.

When humans, and society, unite the principles of religion, intellect, and liberty, the great flourishing of mankind and civilization commences. Much to the chagrin of atheists, who would seek intellect and liberty devoid of the Author of intellect and liberty, and invariably stunt societal progress and lead it to a slow drift toward desecration, history shows us the reality of the trinity of religion, intellect, and freedom and what it brings........

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