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Roe v. Wade: A Level Too Far

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It is very trendy in our culture to decry "binary" things. Gender, for example, cannot be considered binary, it cannot be male/female, it must be a dysphoric multitude. While this is the preferred approach of the left in areas where it seeks to unsettle established cultural norms, it is a completely different story once they achieve cultural hegemony. Then it's all either/or, on/off, all/nothing with no room in between.

This is clear from the reaction of the left to the leaked draft opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health. No room for nuance here. If the totem of abortion as the highest moral good is threatened, then the only proper reaction if you are on the left is to "burn it all down." I know there are many deep reasons for this, but I honestly cannot truly wrap my head around them.

I don't have the energy today to psychoanalyze the woke left, so instead I would like to lay out a simple framework for understanding and discussing all complex social/cultural/legal issues, one that I have found very helpful in helping to explain and tease out meaningful distinctions around abortion and many other issues.

In essence, any public issue with complex human/cultural implications must be looked at from three perspectives, each building off the previous in pyramid fashion: Moral; Legislative, and Judicial/Constitutional.

Moral. This is the realm of individual action and behavior: is the thing under consideration morally right or wrong? Should I do something? If a thing is morally wrong you should not do it regardless of its legal status. By definition there is not a single right answer to most moral questions. Our moral conclusions are informed by religious values, intellect, evidence, and willingness for self-assessment. In many cases........

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