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What Free-Market Health Care Looks Like

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Democrats have their plates full defending the Afghan withdrawal, stirring up fear over breakthrough COVID cases, and rolling out the welcome wagon on the southern border, just to name a few issues they are dealing with.health careNo matter how busy they are, eventually, they will get around to health care and transforming the ACA (Obamacare) into a single-payer system.health careWhat if conservatives beat them to the punch by presenting an alternative plan, while the Democrats are still talking about transgender rights?

A free-market approach to health care (not health insurance) would include these characteristics.

Government intervention has distorted the health care marketplace, and consequently, it is a mess.health careObamacare was the latest government meddling, and it meddled in a big way, but before Obamacare, there were Medicaid and Medicare.health careThe AMA opposed Medicare when it was proposed because the doctors feared that it was the first step toward socialized medicine.health careSo, when it finally passed in 1965, the government reimbursed providers generously to gain acceptance.health careWith a third party footing the bill, doctors and hospitals had no incentive to hold down costs, but eventually, costs had to be reined in.health carePrivate health insurance companies tended to follow the lead of the government with generous........

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