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Bitcoin, Russian TV, and Devaluing the Dollar

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The confluence of the pandemic, gargantuan deficits, Democrat rule, and frenzied money creation by the Federal Reserve has gotten a lot of economic types and investors worried. There’s talk of inflation, hyperinflation, a stock market crash, and even the devaluation of the USD: i.e. the U.S. Dollar. I mydamnself thought the yogurt would finally hit the fan two years ago. That’s when the 10-year T-notes sold during our first trillion-dollar deficits (2009-2012) started coming due. But we’re still chugging along, so what do I know? Perhaps these gloom-and-doom sorts that one sees nowadays are alarmists or have something to sell.

Lately, I’ve taken to watching a bunch of YouTube videos featuring rather pessimistic money men, market observers and such. I’ve already reported on two of these series, Doug Casey’s Take and Wealthion (here and here). But there are oodles of other commentators worthy of one’s time.

One of my recent discoveries is The Keiser Report, featuring Max Keiser and his brilliant wife Stacy Herbert. I haven’t been watching Max and Stacy for very long, but I have noticed how they return to certain things, like the Triffin dilemma, the Thucydides Trap, rehypothecation, and Cantillon effects. The format for most of the........

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